Do Men Pay More for Auto Insurance?

Is gender equality exercised with auto insurance premiums? Why should there be differences between premium rates between genders if the policy is the same? Isn’t this gender discrimination favoring women?

Considering all these questions, insurance companies have to do what is required by law and not what some people think should be right. Surprisingly, men almost always pay more for auto insurance coverage as compared too their female counterparts. Even though the difference is slight, the fact stands that men pay higher premiums for their cars.

Generally, there are specific factors which insurance companies look for in order to charge the premiums. These factors include: marital status, driving history, past accident history, location, citation and other relevant information which reveals more about the driver.

Why then should men be charged more?

Insurance companies offering auto insurance coverage earn money by covering thousands of accidents which might never occur. Purchasing a car insurance policy gives you the promise that you will be compensated in case unfavorable weather conditions, collisions or acts of vandalism ruin your car. The policy should cover the repairing expenses to take you back to the financial position you were before the accident occurred.

Insurance companies charge higher premiums to men drivers because research shows that, men cause more accidents than women. Considering this fact, the premium rates are reduced to the female gender as a reward from insurance companies for causing little loss in case it has to be there. This is a natural mistake which men have tried to correct for ages but bore no fruit.

Men are believed to cause the highest percentage of the road accidents. This is because of their speeding, aggressiveness, taking swift lane changes, tailgating, making sharp turns, and other risky behavior. Men also spend more hours on the road compared to women. Even when a couple is going out, the man is usually the driver and the spouse is a passenger. This means that in case of an accident, the man will be accountable as the driver.

In addition, most societies and cultures encourage boys to learn how to drive at a very young age. It is common to see a sixteen years old boy driving for thousands of kilometers per month. Young drivers, however, are not mature enough to make road decisions and thus cause many accidents. Biologically, girls mature faster than boys. Therefore, a seventeen year old girl will most likely be a better driver than a man of the same age.

Some more reasons why men pay more for auto insurance are as followed:

  • Naturally, men are stereotyped as not willing to stop and ask for directions. They become irritated in unfamiliar terrains with strange road marks they have never come across. Such situations cause tension and stress which interferes with the drivers reasoning.
  • Some scientists urge that higher levels of testosterone in men causes them to drive faster and thus cause more accidents.
  • Men are mostly the breadwinners and thus are always in a hurry to look for money. The desire to reach the promising destination before the treasure is unhidden by anyone else causes them to day dream, speed, and get into accidents.
  • Whenever an accident occurs, the probability of a man dying is higher than that of women. This is because of the higher speeds at which men tend to drive at.

These are some of the reasons why insurance companies charge men higher rates than woman. Of course, if you are a man, that does not necessarily mean that you will be paying higher rates for auto insurance – it only means you have to look harder!

Consequences of Driving without Insurance – DWI

Getting caught driving by a police patrol without insurance is no fun. They can easily let you go if the policy just expired by a few days and you were somehow a busy fellow. Having no car insurance at all, or one that expired a couple of months ago, would be tough to justify and will result may include filling for SR22, driving ban or even jail.

The First Case

In most cases, the first instance of getting stopped without car insurance can be forgiven. Some will say it depends on how the trooper’s mood was like at the time. Regardless of how nerve racking it ma feel, they can let you off if you have a very good excuse. A penalty is often imposed with a 45 days driving ban and a fine up to $500.

Impact on Daily Routine

The first penalty may not sound harsh, but you can not get to work without a car, it a completely different story. Some people relay on their car heavily throughout the day, that a 1 day ban can cause some serious issues.

Court Hearing and Tougher Penalties

Driving without car insurance repeatedly hoping that you get away without as you did the first time, is a serious mistake. The second and subsequent penalties can get you sent to court. You will then have to explain to a judge why you are a serious offender of the insurance law. Court penalties for uninsured drivers vary from state to state, but they are usually tougher, especially if it’s not your first driving offense.

Lesson Learned

There are a number of ways to avoid getting involved without penalties as a result of driving without insurance – DWI. The first obvious one is to get the right coverage. Liability insurance that meets the state minimum requirements is sufficient for most drivers. There are also a number of discounts insurers willing to offer for a certain people. Ask about them. Get insured and avoid the law golden hammer.

What You Need To Know About Auto Transport Insurance

Auto transport is one of the most effective ways to get your car from one location to another without a ton of hassle involved in the process. However, there are more considerations to be had other than choosing your transport company and arranging for drop off and pick up. Auto transport insurance is a big part of the overall picture as this is the component of the entire process that will give you the most peace of mind.

In some instances, your traditional insurance company may offer a rider to attach to your current policy providing you with auto transport insurance coverage as your car gets from one place to the next.
However, auto transport insurance is generally covered through the company that you choose to ship your vehicle.

It should be noted that the company that you choose to ship your car should have a blanket policy that covers your car for the entire journey and can compensate accordingly should something happen. When you ask, don’t just take the company’s word for it, however; ask to see a copy of the certificate so that you know for sure that the company has coverage. Make sure the effective date on the certificate is still active and that the policy is written to the company shipping your car. This ensures that if your car is damaged in any way during the transport process, you aren’t liable for taking care of the damage yourself.

One thing to keep in mind about auto transport insurance provided through the shipping company is that everything may not be covered. For example, if you inadvertently left your favorite iPod inside of your vehicle, and it was stolen, the company is not going to be liable because it stated in the contract that you are to remove all personal items from the car; the insurance isn’t going to pay if that same iPod was damaged, either, because those kinds of elements are not covered under most auto transport insurance policies.

If you need specifics, request them from the shipping company in terms of what may be covered and what is no, so that you know what to expect should something happen to your vehicle or anything inside of it while your car is being shipped. Auto transport insurance works best when you know what is covered, the process you can expect in terms of claims and how to ensure that damage is quickly and effectively taken care of should it occur.

Florida Auto Insurance

Insuring your car in Florida becomes of key importance not only to protect you and your finances but also to avoid trouble with the state. Florida is quite stringent when it comes to their minimal auto insurance requirements. Without which, drivers and motorcyclists can be penalized.

Florida Auto Insurance Requirements

The minimum requirements for car insurance Florida tend to vary from one state to another. In Florida, the minimum needs are $10,000 for bodily harm protection and $10,000 for property damage liability. If you’re from Florida, you shouldn’t think that you’re alone when it comes to having state-implemented car insurance compulsions. All US states need minimum auto insurance backing them up. Since vehicles are accessible worldwide, car collisions and vehicular accidents are not so uncommon these days not just in Florida but other states as well.

While some individuals opt to seek solution for their auto insurance requirements through acquisition of a policy via an insurance firm, other individuals opt to be self-insured or to put down a bond that will insure the price of the auto insurance compulsions. Proof of compliance with your state’s auto insurance requirements can also vary from state to state.

DUI Laws in Florida

In some instances, drivers and motorcyclists are mandated to buy bodily harm protection too. These events are usually subsequent to a vehicular accident related to a conviction of an offense like driving under influence or DUI or driving while intoxicated or DWI. In Florida, when you register your driver’s license, you are giving permission to take urine, blood or breathe testing upon request. As implied by the state’s Implied Consent Law, if you reject the request to take a chemical test from either one of the three examination techniques, your license will be revoked immediately for a time frame of up to a year.

The state of Florida also implements a zero tolerance law for motorcyclists and drivers below the age of 21. If you are apprehended by the police with only one drink or higher and is below 21 years of age, the license will be revoked electronically for 6 months. There are no special cases or exceptions to this policy.

Any Optional Coverage Features Recommended in Florida?

There are a lot of additional features for auto insurance than ever before since auto insurance marketing levels have become the custom for the industry of insurance. In the past, insurance policies were regarded as a fundamental necessity. You could simply compare various insurance policies and go with the company providing the best quote and monthly premiums for a comprehensive coverage. But when businesses and insurance agencies realized the potential of these products to be marketable, a whole new competition and playing field emerged.

In Florida, you can opt for optional coverage features including full coverage auto insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, new vehicle replacement coverage, 24hr emergency road service and safety device discounts. It is up to you and your financial limitations to perceive optional features that may come in handy in the future.

Tips to Save Money on Auto Insurance in Florida

• Shop wisely and exhaustively

• Value before price. Cheap auto insurance in Florida should also render full coverage while priced reasonable.

• Ask for recommendations from friends and family

• Know your needs

• Ask all there is to know about the insurance policy being offered to you, including terms and policies and discount privileges

Certificate of Liability Insurance Sample

Liability insurance is one of the most important components of risk financing within the general insurance structure. The origins of insurance coverage go back to a time when a group of individuals or business owners came together to form a body which would provide a protection cover in case any member of the body faced losses due to the result of a common peril that affected (or could affect) anyone in the group.

Across the world there are many countries that compulsorily require individuals or companies to have liability insurance as a form of protection in case they are sued for negligence. This is also referred to as third party insurance i.e. payment in event of damages is not made to the insured but rather the third party (who is not a part of the original contract) who has faced injury or loss.

A certificate of liability insurance sample is a document which is a proof that can be shown to another party demonstrating that there is a risk cover that ensures protection for certain types of losses. This kind of document is usually mandatory in cases where an independent contractor is providing services for an organization. This document contains information like the amount of coverage, the name of the insurance company, the expiry date of the policy and other relevant details.

It is advisable while doing business with a company (like purchasing products or services or sub-contracting work to a contractor who will wok within the client’s premises), that it be ascertained that the company is in a position to execute its obligations. This includes having worker’s compensation insurance as well a certificate liability insurance sample. Making sure that the company has such a certificate will be an important check on the coverage aspect as well as the validity of the same. It is important to check the amount of insurance as well so that it is sufficient to meet any losses that might incur in the course of the work. Not having a certificate liability insurance sample means that the client will have to bears all claims made in advent of any losses.

Typically liability insurance falls into three broad categories:

  1. Public Liability
  2. Product Liability
  3. Liability for Employers can assist you with information on liability insurance as well as provide a certificate liability insurance sample guidance in order to see what it looks like.

Antique Collector Car Insurance

Car insurance is also referred to as automobile insurance. It covers you against any loss or damage involving the vehicle. This insurance policy is offered to all kind of cars irrespective of the brand, size or age of the vehicle. It is advisable for any car user to get an automobile insurance as road accidents are very common today. If the car is insured, an accident will not result in heavy monetary loss.

Insurance providers also insure antique collector cars. These cars are old vintage cars that are collected with a passion by many around the world. Not all websites offer antique collector car insurance. Being very old, these cars are very expensive to insure. Buying antique cars means a lot of investment and expensive maintenance. Everyone preserves their antique cars and take great effort maintaining them. Repairing damage caused to an antique car can be very expensive. This is one of the reasons why owners opt for antique collector car insurance.

Our website offers you a variety of antique car insurance deals suited to your specific requirements. We offer you antique collector car insurance quotes from all leading insurance providers. These quotes offer insurance for the car and any damage that occurs to it if involved in an accident. We offer you coverage for your antique cars on the basis of agreed values. We also offer you a plan which covers the not so typical expenses.

Take advantage of our quote comparison service to analyze and determine the best policy. This means that you can compare different quotes offered by the many insurance providers. We provide you with real quotes, which means that you can actually browse through them and decide on the policy you want. Thus, we save you the effort of going around to each insurance provider in order to get the right quote.

We thus take all efforts in helping you get the best antique collectors car insurance deal available. We offer you online services 24/7. You can also avail our offers by talking to one of our licensed representatives. We provide you with car insurance quotes on an agreed value as they are antique cars. We also offer an excellent newsletter service. This service is very helpful for those who are interested in collecting antique cars as it informs them about any new development or event that is taking place in the antique car and restoration industry.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies

 Identifying a good insurance company is not a simple task. Once you have identified an insurance company that is par excellence then, you can enjoy peace of mind and be assured of quick claim processing in case of an accident or mishap. This site helps you identify the top 10 auto insurance companies among the crowd of insurance providers. You can select the one you need according to your affordability, value of services offered and the company’s responsiveness.

 The top 10 auto insurance companies can be selected on the basis of what you would except from the insurance service provider. A good company will ensure courteous and responsive customer service and will ensure quick processing of claims.

  • A good auto insurance company should offer great policies, suitable agents for recovery, easy interaction and bill payment options that offers great convenience.
  • Conveniently timed discounts, 24/7 work relationships and excellent service is what you have to look for in an insurance company.
  • The company should have clear ideas about the different laws and requirements in all states across U.S.
  • Personal attention, fairness in relationship, approachability, quickness in response is all necessary for an insurance company to feature among the top 10 companies.

We provide all information you need about the top 10 auto insurance companies right at your finger tips for your reference. This information is authentic and well researched by professionals in the field. You can also read reviews about various companies and decide on which one you want to click. The auto insurance online quotes on our site help you finalize all your insurance dealings in a quick and convenient manner.

Our site sells top rated quotes online through our partners and ensures great customer satisfaction. The average consumer is provided with all the details of the top 10 auto insurance companies, as they look for a company to handle their financial and coverage availability. Choose an auto insurance company according to the financial stability of the consumer which will further ensure a steady payout which will continue to give you results and there are no unpaid claims.

A reliable insurer can be identified by interacting with the agents who work for the companies. Once you get to our site, all the information on the best and top 10 auto insurance companies will give you a good idea and you are guaranteed on getting good returns.

Surety Bonds Instead of Auto Insurance in California

California has stringent laws when it comes to owning a vehicle and taking an auto insurance for the same. People who drive a car, whether it is their own or someone else’s are required to carry an evidence of the auto insurance. Those who do not drive but only own a car also have to purchase auto insurance in California.

California’s Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law hands over the responsibility for their actions to the car owners and drivers themselves. A person who is responsible for an accident that leads to injury or death of another is liable to pay $15,000 or $30, 000 if the accident results in multiple injuries. Our website clearly states that the law makes the responsible party liable for $15,000 for property damage from any one accident.

The Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law can be covered in four ways. First is coverage by a motor insurance policy. On our website you will see that it is clearly stated that one can keep cash deposit of $35,000 with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Third is by a certificate of self insurance by DMV issued to the owners of more than 25 vehicles. Lastly, one can obtain surety bonds instead of auto insurance from an insurance company which is legally allowed to carry out business in California.

Our website offers more information on the same: Surety bonds pay what is known as the penal sumIt is the maximum amount that the surety is supposed to pay in case of the principal defaults on his payment. This is a way in which surety bond providers determine the risk in payments and also the premium they have to charge for the service.

Purchasing surety bonds instead of auto insurance is a good way of complying with the Compulsory Financial Responsibility and also prevents the hassles of taking auto insurance. However, if the principal defaults and the surety also go bankrupt or insolvent, then there is no real value that remains in the bond.

Surety Bonds work much like Motor Insurance, hence surety bonds instead of auto insurance is a good option for purchase. The principal pay a premium, usually annual to purchase the bonding company’s credit. Surety investigates in case a claim is made and after complete verification pays for it. It turns to principal for reimbursement later.  Hence, surety on the bond is provided by an insurance company which is verified and solvent to pay when required. This is scrutinized by government regulations and private audits.

Classic Car Insurance Companies

The business of insurance which is not more than a decade old is flourishing today. Insurance is another word for security. Security is something that we all want today. Since the time this concept has originated it has developed to a great extent and we have so many kinds of insurances and schemes today. It is possible to get a person insured, you can even get your property insured like homes and cars and other vehicles. We get insurance because we are insecure about the people and the possessions and because we want to secure them. The number of vehicles being purchased is forever increasing hence there is a huge demand for classic car insurance companies.

It is not a big issue when you purchase small vehicles like cycles. But when you invest huge sums of money in classic cars you have to think of insuring them. For this reason we have Classic car insurance companies. It is the duty of these companies to fulfill every human requirement regarding insurance of their classic cars. The classic cars are a commodity of luxury for the elite and they are also very expensive therefore necessarily requiring insurance. Different insurance companies have different kinds of schemes that suit various classic car insurance requirements of people.

You must be careful while choosing the company and the appropriate scheme. You must read the offer documents well before signing any papers and before giving them any money. You must still be wondering why you need to get in touch with the Classic car insurance companies. Your car is a priceless possession and you may come across many technical or other problems in future. It is very important covering these problems under a good insurance scheme to ensure you do not lose money. So, make sure you take insurance for your classic, priceless car.

Huge sums of money go in maintaining the classic and expensive cars hence you must not think twice before taking insurance for your expensive car. The spare parts of classic and expensive cars are also very expensive. The Classic car insurance companies help you cover all these charges so that you do not have to spend much in case of problems. All you have to do is to get in touch with a suitable company and go through different schemes of paying choosing one that requires you to pay premium at suitable rates.

Affordable Car Insurance Free Online Quotes

Looking for affordable car insurance free quote online is a child’s play now! If you have only recently bought your brand new car, you must want to insure it. Choosing the best insurance scheme out of the large number of them on offer can be quite a task. Not only would it take up a great amount of time, but you are likely to be left wondering if you made the perfect choice. Taking insurance policy related decisions is difficult particularly when you don’t have all quotes and features offered in front of your eyes. This site will help you choose exactly what you want.

As you look for affordable car insurance free online quotes, it is important that you have adequate information about the terms and conditions which are an essential component of insurance companies. Our site provides you with all possible information and helps you identify schemes that perfectly suit you. On our site, you are sure to find a quote that fits your budget and features that exactly match your requirements. You are free to compare rates and choose an insurance provider you think will be the best for you.

As you try and locate cheap rates for your car insurance with our data and sources, you should know that looking for affordable car insurance (free) quotes online is indeed a wise thing to do. According to Insurance quote providers, online rates are really getting very cheap and have been dropping significantly every month.

Coming to why you should insure your car, or for that matter choose an insurance provider with care, first of all, damages for a driver at fault who is not covered by insurance, will have to be compensated for by the insurers with your own uninsured motorist insurance money. You will be paying out more or less the same amount of money for such claims. Moreover, it will be paid from a limited pool of policy holders who pay insurance premiums. Therefore eventually, you do want to insure your car so that the provider may cover charges for accidents, theft and other unforeseen mishaps. As you look for affordable car insurance free online quotes, be sure to go through our analysis carefully. The online analysis provided by us is not only useful and reliable but also perhaps the most convenient method of accessing relevant information. We provide a number of tools with the help of which you make the perfect choice.