Consequences of Driving without Insurance – DWI

Getting caught driving by a police patrol without insurance is no fun. They can easily let you go if the policy just expired by a few days and you were somehow a busy fellow. Having no car insurance at all, or one that expired a couple of months ago, would be tough to justify and will result may include filling for SR22, driving ban or even jail.

The First Case

In most cases, the first instance of getting stopped without car insurance can be forgiven. Some will say it depends on how the trooper’s mood was like at the time. Regardless of how nerve racking it ma feel, they can let you off if you have a very good excuse. A penalty is often imposed with a 45 days driving ban and a fine up to $500.

Impact on Daily Routine

The first penalty may not sound harsh, but you can not get to work without a car, it a completely different story. Some people relay on their car heavily throughout the day, that a 1 day ban can cause some serious issues.

Court Hearing and Tougher Penalties

Driving without car insurance repeatedly hoping that you get away without as you did the first time, is a serious mistake. The second and subsequent penalties can get you sent to court. You will then have to explain to a judge why you are a serious offender of the insurance law. Court penalties for uninsured drivers vary from state to state, but they are usually tougher, especially if it’s not your first driving offense.

Lesson Learned

There are a number of ways to avoid getting involved without penalties as a result of driving without insurance – DWI. The first obvious one is to get the right coverage. Liability insurance that meets the state minimum requirements is sufficient for most drivers. There are also a number of discounts insurers willing to offer for a certain people. Ask about them. Get insured and avoid the law golden hammer.