Florida Auto Insurance

Insuring your car in Florida becomes of key importance not only to protect you and your finances but also to avoid trouble with the state. Florida is quite stringent when it comes to their minimal auto insurance requirements. Without which, drivers and motorcyclists can be penalized.

Florida Auto Insurance Requirements

The minimum requirements for car insurance Florida tend to vary from one state to another. In Florida, the minimum needs are $10,000 for bodily harm protection and $10,000 for property damage liability. If you’re from Florida, you shouldn’t think that you’re alone when it comes to having state-implemented car insurance compulsions. All US states need minimum auto insurance backing them up. Since vehicles are accessible worldwide, car collisions and vehicular accidents are not so uncommon these days not just in Florida but other states as well.

While some individuals opt to seek solution for their auto insurance requirements through acquisition of a policy via an insurance firm, other individuals opt to be self-insured or to put down a bond that will insure the price of the auto insurance compulsions. Proof of compliance with your state’s auto insurance requirements can also vary from state to state.

DUI Laws in Florida

In some instances, drivers and motorcyclists are mandated to buy bodily harm protection too. These events are usually subsequent to a vehicular accident related to a conviction of an offense like driving under influence or DUI or driving while intoxicated or DWI. In Florida, when you register your driver’s license, you are giving permission to take urine, blood or breathe testing upon request. As implied by the state’s Implied Consent Law, if you reject the request to take a chemical test from either one of the three examination techniques, your license will be revoked immediately for a time frame of up to a year.

The state of Florida also implements a zero tolerance law for motorcyclists and drivers below the age of 21. If you are apprehended by the police with only one drink or higher and is below 21 years of age, the license will be revoked electronically for 6 months. There are no special cases or exceptions to this policy.

Any Optional Coverage Features Recommended in Florida?

There are a lot of additional features for auto insurance than ever before since auto insurance marketing levels have become the custom for the industry of insurance. In the past, insurance policies were regarded as a fundamental necessity. You could simply compare various insurance policies and go with the company providing the best quote and monthly premiums for a comprehensive coverage. But when businesses and insurance agencies realized the potential of these products to be marketable, a whole new competition and playing field emerged.

In Florida, you can opt for optional coverage features including full coverage auto insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, new vehicle replacement coverage, 24hr emergency road service and safety device discounts. It is up to you and your financial limitations to perceive optional features that may come in handy in the future.

Tips to Save Money on Auto Insurance in Florida

• Shop wisely and exhaustively

• Value before price. Cheap auto insurance in Florida should also render full coverage while priced reasonable.

• Ask for recommendations from friends and family

• Know your needs

• Ask all there is to know about the insurance policy being offered to you, including terms and policies and discount privileges