What You Need To Know About Auto Transport Insurance

Auto transport is one of the most effective ways to get your car from one location to another without a ton of hassle involved in the process. However, there are more considerations to be had other than choosing your transport company and arranging for drop off and pick up. Auto transport insurance is a big part of the overall picture as this is the component of the entire process that will give you the most peace of mind.

In some instances, your traditional insurance company may offer a rider to attach to your current policy providing you with auto transport insurance coverage as your car gets from one place to the next.
However, auto transport insurance is generally covered through the company that you choose to ship your vehicle.

It should be noted that the company that you choose to ship your car should have a blanket policy that covers your car for the entire journey and can compensate accordingly should something happen. When you ask, don’t just take the company’s word for it, however; ask to see a copy of the certificate so that you know for sure that the company has coverage. Make sure the effective date on the certificate is still active and that the policy is written to the company shipping your car. This ensures that if your car is damaged in any way during the transport process, you aren’t liable for taking care of the damage yourself.

One thing to keep in mind about auto transport insurance provided through the shipping company is that everything may not be covered. For example, if you inadvertently left your favorite iPod inside of your vehicle, and it was stolen, the company is not going to be liable because it stated in the contract that you are to remove all personal items from the car; the insurance isn’t going to pay if that same iPod was damaged, either, because those kinds of elements are not covered under most auto transport insurance policies.

If you need specifics, request them from the shipping company in terms of what may be covered and what is no, so that you know what to expect should something happen to your vehicle or anything inside of it while your car is being shipped. Auto transport insurance works best when you know what is covered, the process you can expect in terms of claims and how to ensure that damage is quickly and effectively taken care of should it occur.